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Our Philosophy

We believe that Grassroots Activities such as the endeavors of Faith-Based Organizations, Community-Based Organizations, and Social Enterprises are the saving grace and the organic manifestation of the light beaming from the collective. They are denominators of change, advancement, and revolution and deserve the access, insight, and tools to effectively evoke the impact they seek and are missioned to perform.

It is our duty to support, serve and leverage their pursuits with empathy, dignity and in a rigorous quest to enable the execution of advancement by the Social Impactors of our communities. We are called to this space, are passionate about the work, and unwavering about fulfilling the assignment. This is Spark Solutions!

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Fortified, Equipped Grassroots' efforts postured for generational communal impact.

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To provide tools, insight, and support which leverage the authentic efforts of communal impact propelling sustainable progress in the public and social sector.

Core Values

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We believe that everyone, especially those in vulnerable populations, deserves to have access to a dignified livelihood. We believe in social, economic, environmental, and political justice for all.


We think big, but act small. Our big goals for the communities starts with empowering the grassroots organizations with knowledge and tools that will help them fulfill their mission and create inclusive growth.

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We are heavily guided and grounded by our faith. It is God that transforms lives and we are his instrument to lead and serve.


Our service begins with a genuine understanding of their mission and their needs. This allows us to craft solutions that will truly serve their community.


Here's our Vibe


Grassroots organizations often experience limited resources, so we empower and inspire them endorsing that we can achieve greater social impact with the right tools & strategies.


We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and be the catalyst for change. We envision a better world, and we are ready to work with the communities to make it happen!


Our service begins with a humbled posture that you engaged in our partnership. We project great excitement in joining you as we relay your passion to serve your cause.

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