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Coaching and Consulting

Targeted Plan

The targeted plan will educate you on the vitality and details of key structural concepts so that you are elevated and cognizant of your efforts in terms of the social and public sector filters. Additionally, it equips you for impact by arming you with a blueprint for your strategic efforts.


Program Implementation Manual

The Program Implementation Manual is a development process. This will give nonprofits who have created a program the documentation and layout of implementing that program so that it may be funded.

Issue Management Plan

The Issues Management Plan is a Power Hour Workshop that gives you the lens to view your position of service as a social impactor.


Corporate Social Responsibility Plan for Businesses

Social sector issues may not be your expertise so you may feel the lack of how-tos in getting involved and being relevant. This plan will help you Improve your involvement with social issues by devising a course of action for immediate implementation. 

Strategic Blueprint

Often times nonprofit leadership teams lack the specific tactics to couple with their strategies. This program identifies those tactics so that the organization may progress in effectively serving its audience.


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