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5 Ways to Keep your Nonprofit Board Engaged

An issue most nonprofit founders encounter while building their organization is doing everything alone due to lack of engagement from their board. So, here are several things you can do to keep your board engaged on your mission:

#1 Make sure you set the right expectation.

From the start while you are still recruiting your board members make sure they understand their roles and responsibilities, That being a board member is not just a glorified title and you will need their commitment to make sure your organization is continuing its social impact. Hire your board like you hire your staff. Make sure they are qualified and passionate about your mission.

#2 Keep communicating with your board

Always have a regular meeting. And with the technology we have today, it is easier to communicate with your board, either via email or other messaging software like Slack, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Make sure they are up to date with what’s happening and let them know what actions they need to take.

#3 Take action

Passionate board members have tons of ideas and resources they can give you to improve your operations. Take note of this and if you agree with their idea make sure to implement it. Nothing can cool off passion faster than inaction. If they think their ideas and opinions are falling on deaf ears they will lose the drive-in to be active in your organization.

#4 Board training and retreats

Like you and the rest of your staff your board also needs training. And you should also invite them to group retreats and team-building events as they are undoubtedly part of the team too. It also cultivates a bond among your members.

#5 Recognize the difference they make

Publicly recognize your board's efforts, by adding their profile on your website, featuring them on your newsletter and social media. Create an annual report of accomplishments to show how their input helped move your organization forward and make them proud of their contributions

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