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“Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka” – COVID19

The late, great musical artist formerly known as Prince once said, “Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.” This significant statement relates to the time we are currently experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While at a lake, many may take a moment to mentally reflect or actually see their reflection in the still water. What would the reflection be of yourself or your organization during this unprecedented time and what type of “illness” might this pandemic expose about yourself or your organization? 

 Last week, I was chatting on the phone with my best friend, and amidst our conversation filled with a combination of worship, childish giggling, and brainstorming, a revelation was SPARKed as she shouted, “This Quarantine is a purification process!” Purification is the process in which you remove contaminants to make clean. Neglecting to purify promotes “build-up.” “Build-up” gets in the way, impedes flow and synchronicity thus forth causing viscosity. How effective or impactful can anyone or anything be in that state? What “build-up” haven’t you dealt with? This COVID-19 pandemic has inspired much reflection: Priorities, goals, routines, and statuses have all been rerouted in a sudden shift. What we thought or sought security in has proven itself to be a false idol. As the entire world asks “why” and “how” the evident Move of God stands high. What can we make of our new time? How is this situation calling us to act? Many are wrapped in the foreshadowing of this event referencing movies, engaging in conspiracy theories and citing the bible.  But, what if the focus were on the process instead? What if this pandemic is calling us to purify our priorities in family, work, habits, fiscal responsibilities, social routines, and leadership? What if we purified our sensory intake- not just nutritionally but in what we watch, listen to, speak and most evidently who we allow in our presence. Prince was certainly on to something. It's clear our new normal is forming by the day. How we proceed will look nothing like our last season. So, let's leave contaminants where they belong by quarantining/purifying properly.

For organizations, purification is an opportunity to drive narratives as well as mission work and remove disruption. Because your audience deserves your best, take this time to ensure you continue to thrive and issue an even greater impact when our NEW time is released. Follow these steps and tips and continue to Spark Solutions:

1. Identify the threats COVID-19 presents to your audience and brainstorm among other entities who can offset those threats to issue intervention. This partnership creates a sense of community and announces to your audience your support is unwavering.

2. Share pertinent information with staff members and always highlight the good and the proper measures to take to ensure safety. Never discuss the negative as it threatens morale.

3. When communicating with internal and external audiences, always forecast future programs and activities. Do so with enthusiasm and excitement! This reassures business will resume as usual and diverts attention away from panic and fear. Serving those that serve others, it's your Social Impact Coach, Jessica Cohen

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