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Taking advantage of FREE resources and avoiding information overload

There are a lot of free resources online and offline that nonprofit organizations can tap in to learn and improve their operations and social impact. But often nonprofit leaders are not taking advantage of these resources when they may be the answer you are looking for. That is why I created this guide to help you determine which free resources will be beneficial for you and how to sort through this

information to avoid overload to the point of paralysis in the execution.

ONE, Determine what you need now

Do you have a question that needs an answer? What are you struggling with right now? What do you need help with? Having this free resource offered to you is amazing but if you don’t need it at the moment it may just make you go off track and waste your time that is meant to find solutions you currently need. Knowing what you need and looking for FREE resources for that will be best to help you.

TWO, Create a library of resources

For the resources that you currently don’t need it is best to create a list for them where you can go back to it when you finally need that information. The best way in keeping track of these is just a google spreadsheet with topics or tags so that you know which one will be

able to help you.

THREE, Take your time and notes

Videos, books, guides, and educational social media posts, etc. are helpful; they are not meant to be read or watched then forgotten. Take the time to digest the information and take notes on what applies to you.

FOUR, List your action steps and execute

What are the things you need to do according to that free resource? How are you going to execute it?

Schedule them or delegate them just make sure you are implementing them.

FIVE, What worked and what didn’t work?

Sometimes a strategy is just not for you. It may lack some aspects to make it work great for your organization. That is why you need to observe and list what worked and what didn’t work for you so that you can find other resources that will make it a success.

What is the use of all this information when you are not going to use them?

Remember, not to just consume and consume information but take your time in executing them.

Execute first the solution you need before going into another topic and consuming other resources.

Here is a FREE resource that you might just need. Click here to download the Social Impact Plan that will help you make sure your organization can move with the shifts and challenges in society.

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