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Using the New Clubhouse App as a Nonprofit

By now you might have heard or already in the app, Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app launched in 2020.

You might be already using the app regularly or still wondering how to fit it in with all the hundred things you need to do. So, what uses can you do to make this app beneficial for your organization?

#1 Networking

There are plenty of "clubs" and "rooms" being hosted in Clubhouse where you can network or gain knowledge from nonprofit professionals and other organizations. You can also connect with entrepreneurs and other people in different industries.

#2 Conversations with your audience and on Social Issues

Clubhouse can be a great platform to engage different audiences in your advocacies like discussing climate change and steps to prevent it with people from different backgrounds. Like zoom and other virtual platforms that let you connect through this year of pandemic, you can also use it to host your nonprofit programs like connecting with students or conducting group sessions.

The problem is Clubhouse can give you a bad case of "FOMO" or fear of missing out. In which case

you stay on the app every moment of your waking hours and make you afraid of leaving a room just in case you miss a valuable nugget of knowledge or miss the chance to connect with someone.

The trick is not letting clubhouse take over your schedule. As changemakers, we are already very busy issuing the social impact and making sure the essential work is done, we cannot afford the distraction. If you really want to be in the platform limit your use by putting it on your schedule and whenever you are hosting a room, limit the hours per session and don't let yourself run rooms until you run out of topics or people who want to talk.

Yes, networking is important but running your organization should be the priority. And the lessons, tips, and advice are sometimes repeated or you can find it somewhere else.

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