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Program Implementation Manual

The Program Implementation Manual development process gives nonprofits whom have created a program the documentation and layout of implementing that program so that it may be funded.


Hey there, Change Agent!

Are you struggling to implement the program due to a lack of being able to give instructions?

Or due to the lack of clear communication of program details? 

Do you want to be able to implement your program with ease so that it may be funded and supported?

The Program Implementation Manual is for organizations who want the ability to make serving efforts work for them financially.

The lack of a Program Implementation Manual may cost you:

-In not receiving the support to carry out your mission.

-In not having the documentation to gain access to the ability to implement your program.

And ultimately you miss out on best serving your audience.

In this program, we will be engaging you in our process of building your manual.

The labor of building your manual will fall on us while you gain deeper insight into the ability to communicate your program objectives with the relevance of public issues.

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Make implementing your program and getting funded easier!

Click the link below to Apply for The PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION MANUAL

The Program Implementation Manual is an 8 Session Consultancy Program that you can schedule within 5 months.

Session Topics: 

Session 1: Onboarding Meeting

Session 2: Organizational overview

Session 3: Methodology

Session 4: Implementation

Session 5: Operations

Session 6: Review document and edit

Session 7: Review design and edit

Session 8: Final review

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This service builds a program implementation manual for your idea so that you may solicit funding, train staff, implement and amend. It puts your idea on paper so that it can serve its purpose.

This program includes a fully designed manual that you can present to funders, partners and for other purposes

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The Investment

This program is $5,500

with an option for a payment plan of:

$500 Deposit and $1000 per session billed monthly

When you lack the ability to conceptualize ways to implement your ideas the vision of the organization is stifled and the impact that the program or activity posits is voided.

Let's work together to allow your program be funded and implemented

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