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Jessica Cohen

Founder and Social Impact Strategist

Hello, Change Agents!

I am so glad you found us. My name is Jessica Cohen and Spark Solutions is my vision to address the common frustrations many of you face. It is my purpose to serve you, as you serve your cause. I am a Believer and this position stands at the forefront of my lens and decision-making.  I am a Solutionist and recognize innovative opportunities as quickly as I recognize the pathologies that warrant them.

“I am the equation you haven’t tried but solves the problem no matter the variable”

I have both the passion and compassion for this type of work as it frequents the majority of my mental traffic. I am empowered each time I get to partner with a founder or organization to advance their initiative and I do not take this luxury for granted. I hope you enjoy my ambitious nature and ability to craft the equivalent logistics to couple my over the top answers. Just think of me as a shot expresso and your daily dose of probiotics, I promise you’re in great hands. Welcome to Spark Solutions! We’re excited to partner with you.

This Impact Elixir
Jessica Cohen

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Our Team

Helping you spark generational change and progress!


Niesha Mbolembole

Executive Assistant

My goal in life is to work with individuals to create change and knowing that all things are possible through Christ. I'm also excited to work with individuals or group of people that are dedicated and willing to work, means we have solutions that are consistent and effective.


Manna Mercedita Mendieta

Admin and Finance

I have a heart in extending help to others and working as a virtual administrative manager for mission-driven organization gave me the opportunity to be one of the instruments in creating positive impact to the world.
I have always wanted to collaborate with individuals or organizations that share the same values as mine.


Ryanna Julia Esplana

Marketing and Media

I have a passion for creating change in different social issues like climate change, indigenous rights, and elevating poverty.

I believe social media and digital marketing are great tools for spreading awareness on different social issues and gaining support for organizations working to create social change.

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