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Our Impact Ideology 

Our Impact Ideology sits at the forefront of our pursuits. We believe that Impact must first be tracked, meaning, there is intentional identification, measurement and monitor of performance indicators and statistics. We couple that demand with the communication and articulation of those outcomes. Impact must be tracked and reported. Proved and Shared.


Furthermore, the below Equation, Formula and Model speak to, in greater detail the basis of our Social Impact beliefs and guide us in the manner in which we support our partners.

The Facets

Impact Equation

An Entity can only implement Impact when they have influence and intent.

Impact = Influence (Visibility/Relationships) + Intent (Strategic Plan/Execution)

Impact Formula

Impact for the Individual = Change in Status + Change in Behavior

Impact for the Community = Change in Status + Change in System 

Impact Model

Impact sustained is designed and only as potent as its inputs. Impact inputs are a form of currency that determines the quality of outputs, outcomes, and ultimately the redesign of its receptor.

Impact Ideology

Impact Model (1).png
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