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Community Tilling Workshop

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The Social Sector repeatedly exhausts strategic efforts in the obligation of serving vulnerable populations to further public good. Grant Makers and Grant Recipients engage in communal activity with intentions of cultivating the environment for advancement.

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Needs Assessments and Capacity Building have been the focus tactics for such efforts but continue to leave the Social Sector searching for appropriate and effective entryways for impact.

This workshop ushers participants into the revelation of a cleansed lens, full perspective, and diagnosis to the cyclical struggles of Social Impact.
While additionally, presenting the missing pieces for effective implementation of social service.

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Stakeholders then decide if they are properly poised and potentiated to till correctly to the garden of their community before committing to the process and next steps. Ultimately, participants will gain the insight to craft strategies that promote the necessary generational impact to combat the pathologies of the communities they serve.

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This is a 3 hour workshop
Ideal for Community Advocates, the Faith-Based Community, Grant Makers, Grant Recipients, Council Members, Public, and Elected Officials

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