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SparSo Company generates within resolution based innovation. All templates, tools and support are created from the frequented needs of our partners and greater audience.

Lectures / Workshops

Community Tilling

This lecture-styled workshop is designed to facilitate discourse among service users, service providers, and service funders

Community Voice ToolKit

This lecture-styled workshop is designed to incorporate strategic plans with communication messages while developing a community voice and the practices needed to amplify and maintain it

Ballast Exodust

This leisure-styled workshop is designed to announce the correlation between lived experience and social impact pursuits it is purpose to encourage those closest to social issues to position themselves to be leaders by experience. It uses both biblical and historical facts to usher participants into revelation

Products / Workshops

Strategic Planning

Grant Narrative & Logic Models

Issues Mapping

Communication matrix

designed to teach the processes of strategic planning while providing templates for readers to create their own

designed to teach readers about the nature and writing to include the templates needed to submit a tailored proposal

designed to teach readers about the issues mapping process while including templates to allow them to illustrate their social impact issues, their causes and, their outcomes

designed to teach readers about their social impact audiences while providing templates for them to create tailored messages for each

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