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How to Navigate having No Active Board Members and Staff?

This is a difficult situation that is not uncommon in the nonprofit space.

Your board may step down for various reasons and you as a founder/ executive director are left to continue your programs alone.

How do we navigate from this situation? I compiled these answers on Facebook from nonprofit professionals together with our own advice to help you:

#1 Start rebuilding your team.

Yup! That simple. You can’t do everything alone so start finding people who will help you. And even if people step down there will always be people who have the passion for your mission and are willing to dedicate their time to social impact.

Find volunteers in your network, or through social media and other platforms like

#2 Reorganize

This is the perfect time for you to reorganize and think about your human capital.

Re-evaluate your requirements for your board, for your staff and your volunteers. Create a plan for each position that will solidify commitment and output from them while moving your organization forward.

#3 Partner with other Nonprofit Organizations

#4 Seek professional help

Hey! This is not uncommon advice but you can hire a nonprofit consultant to help you build your foundations, making sure that you find the right board members and staff while securing your social impact.

And the last thing you should do is not give up. You have a solution that someone else needs that is why it’s important for you to keep moving forward despite some hiccups in your operations.


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