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Secure Your Whetstone: Knowledge is POWER, so is skill refinement and accountability.

A Doctorate, Certification, Continuing Education and the Bible.


To sharpen means to make or become better, to improve or cause to improve within the context of performance. A dull device it not capable of excellence or maximizing. A dull device is not effective, credible or sought after. In order to function at an optimal position there must exist the intent and act of refinement.

I wanted to share with you all my investments and commitment in being my sharpest for your organization and audience. I am in the business of serving those who serve others because I am a devoted humanitarian. Because the effect would be exponential, I have the obligation to position myself to perform at my sharpest.

Knowledge is POWER: I was recently accepted into California Baptist University's Online and Professional Studies program to pursue a Doctorate in Public Administration. Through this program, I will be educated to "Take an active role in creating innovative, sustainable solutions to societal problems and improved governance. (“California Baptist University, Doctor of Public Administration,” n.d.)." I am committed to expanding my awareness so that each facet of the organization I serve is addressed. The program is devised for direct and immediate application and is a jewel to experience.

Skill Refinement: As the Coaching discipline is my preferred and most utilized methodology of extracting solutions and facilitating progress, I had to ensure my whetstone was readily available. Earlier this year I completed The Champion Influence® Coaching Certification Program where I was trained to incorporate The Champion Influence® Coaching Model & Leadership Curriculum into my service delivery. I have now secured membership to The Coaching Seat™ C-ED Platform where I will engage in monthly activities to enhance my Coaching posture furthering my ability to be at your service.

Accountability: Part of my piqued interest and draw to California Baptist University is its Faith-Based pillar. As believers we are responsible to "...use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. (1 Peter 4:10, New International Version). A requirement in the work that I produce, dissertation included, throughout the entirety of this program is that I must convey with faith integration and biblical principles. As I have committed to my purpose He has allowed me this process and staying in the word and defining the correlations to my work is Accountability at its finest. And for that, I am excited.

I am thrilled to partner with you all in elevating, combating, providing, enhancing, positioning and intervening on behalf of the audiences you all serve. Have you secured your Whetstone? How are you maintaining a refined position? Remember, your audience deserves your best. Stay sharp!

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