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“We’re talkin’ bout PRACTICE?” “Practice?” Not a game but, practice?”

A Quick Tactic to Close Capacity Gaps

I love extended metaphors so ride with me for a moment. Yes, we’re still on the subject of Capacity Building. It’s just way too hearty and is foundational to Nonprofit vitality. Most, if not all of us are familiar with the infamous practice quote by Iverson. Allen Iverson, a professional basketball player in the NBA from 1996-2011 was confronted by the media for missing a day of practice. When asked, he goes to explain that he knew he should have led by example and attended practice BUT, at the end of the day it was just practice and was not a game. His position was that as the franchise player (or communal problem-solving entity) he should not be harassed about practice (or capacity building) because it’s not the game that he “lives and dies for” (the work performed in the community). Are you still with me?

Nonprofits often overlook consistent capacity building because the focus is on problem-solving and rarely the tools to execute the solutions : Iverson valued game performance more than the time to fine-tune his skill set. And THIS is what you call a Capacity Gap.

Capacity gaps are defined as "a significant disparity between an organization's goals and objectives and its actual or potential ability to achieve its vision and mission (Faulk, 2018)". How can you expect to be the best and take days off?

The bible tells us that "...Faith without works is dead (James 2:26, The New King James Version)..." Well… so is reaching objectives without securing the ability to achieve them.

The key is to consistently seek and secure performance leverage opportunities regardless of performance levels. Studies like Venture Philanthropy Partners' Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations highlight the direct correlation that capacity building has to a Nonprofit's ability to achieve social impact. As a Community Based organization, your mission uniquely identifies your design to achieve social impact and because of this, we know this principle, of social impact, is vital to the Nonprofit Organization.

But the how-to for achievement, the mission, only guides external efforts and is just a strategy. So how do Community-Based Organizations align internal efforts and external objectives?

THE ANSWER and no not Iverson, is simple--

Non Profit Organizations increase effectiveness when they create an internal mission to guide their approach to achieving external goals and objectives. This same methodology can be applied to each facet of their organization. This method is often omitted though it holds the most value because it transforms your strategic objectives into reality.

If your organization is interested in developing a tactical plan, closing capacity gaps and transforming goals into performance indicators visit and book a consultation. Your audience deserves your best Health.

Faulk, R. (2018, July 3). Identifying Capacity Gaps Within Your Organization. Retrieved December 29, 2019, from

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